Thursday, May 22, 2008

Learning as tech staff?

I was reading a recent post from Jeff Cobb about learning at work.

"He presents this challenge:
Here’s a challenge
: Go into work one day soon with a personal commitment to be “hyper” conscious about everything you learn that day....

And he’d go so far as to suggest that:
  1. Individuals who become conscious of their learning at work and take charge of their learning at work will be by far the most successful in today’s economy.
  2. The primary focus of learning professionals should be helping individuals become conscious of their learning and take charge of it."
I dont think I am alone when I say that most of us tech and business staff may not be getting much learning on the job, except from our mistakes and just doing it. I was at a recent small conference about mentoring and coaching and it started to strike me how few mentors the tech staff that I know have at their own job. They may have mentors in groups like NTEN or through other networks.

But often I feel like I am not included in some of the infromal learning that happens at my org because I am tech staff. They disclude me because they think I dont want to learn that, doesnt deal directly with my job. I have to look outside my org for information, support, learning and mentors.

I would really appreciate it if one of our leadership team was willing to actually spend time with me in conversation not related to technology. I do have a desire to learn from them. But they seem to be cautious to talk to me and tend to think they would have nothing to gain from spending time with me. They have more important things to do.

Not sure how to finish this thought or what to say next. Just wondering if others have similar feelings, questions or thoughts.