Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is technology meant to be more than a set of best practices?

To get the most from technology all you have to do is live up to these best practices and meet the minimum standards. Technology and the IT staff are there only to assist other staff in meeting their objectives. IT and technology are only meant to be tools used by everyone, they do not need to be a factor in the process or planning. As long as you are have a stable infrastructure, update your software, backup, have a good web site and leverage a few tools for cost savings (like VOIP), then you are good to go. There is no further need for technology.

With all of the best practices and recommendations out there, does this seem to be true? All have you have to do is these basic steps?


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Blog = new thoughts?

OK, so I have heard all the hype on blogs and have heard "if you write it they will come." But who is they?

I work at a large, well established nonprofit with a long history. My role is one of working with orgs across the country to assist in better understanding and use of business systems and technology as a whole. As a movement we are facing a time of change, challenge and opportunity. We are facing tax challenges, identity crisis along with overwhelming success and growth.

The challenge I see is that in many ways, we are stuck on what we have always done. I dont see us reaching to keep up with what the people we serve need and expect. In a way we are outdating ourselves daily. Part of the challenge of having a very successful history is getting over yourself and continuing to change.

But many of the leaders in our organization have been around for years and are very successful. In fact they are much smarter, experienced and more talented than me. But with all of that there is still missed opportunity. As a technology consultant for this organization I do not claim to know more than others, rather I see things differently, recognize new opportunities, approach challenges uniquely.

I hope to use this blog to spill my thoughts, maybe some day someone will even read it.