Monday, February 18, 2008

"Today I cried" hits home

After six years of working to build some positive technology momentum and creating what I would consider some of the sectors best organization specific resources, my organization has decided that technology is no longer (or actually never was) a strategic priority. They will rely on outside consultants and vendors to provide technology advice, consulting and services to our member orgs and not customize it to meet their needs. Ok, so I didn't actually cry (yet), after all that isn't really in my nature. But the words I weep for the future keep coming to my head.

Our member orgs will now need to seek out vendors, consultants or their own sources to get technology resources. Will their basic needs get met? Yes. Will it lead to full potential? No. Each org will now repeat, recreate, stumble, fail and overlap or simply not do it.

But I guess my opinion is skewed and unimportant since it appears all I was doing was trying to self preserve, not actually make a difference. Basically the message here is, technology is just a tool to be managed, thanks for playing and good luck.

If you are unaware of the Today I Cried reference, here is the blog and an awesome resignation letter that I may need to somehow adapt to my situation.

I wont be anonymous anymore after Summer 2008 when my position officially ends and a new chapter in my life begins. Any thoughts on where I should work are welcome.